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~ ART feat SYMMETRY. my artjournal ♥

TifalockhartFF ~ Tsuki [ECHELON]
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Hello there <3 My name is Jessica, better know as Tifa Lockhart (TifaLockhartFF on DeviantART); I'm Italian and I'm from Rome. My greatest passion is to draw, and then doing graphic, make AMVs on all the things I like, listening to music, cosplaying and going out with my friends. My other hobbies, important as these ones, are written down here.
Ciao a tutti <3 Il mio nome è Jessica, meglio conosciuta come Tifa LockhartFF ; Sono Italiana e vengo da Roma. La mia passione più grande è il disegno (precisamente fumetto), subito dopo vengono grafica, fare video musicali su ciò che mi piace, ascoltare musica, fare cosplay e uscire con i miei migliori amici...I miei altri interessi,importanti quanto questi,sono scritti qui di seguito.
She Loves
She Hates
Anime/manga & Comics. Clothes and accessories (Goth, Gothic Lolita, Casual). Cosplay. Photoshop. Music (especially Thirty Seconds to Mars'). Draw (again :D). Watching movies. PC & Internet. Pizza. Cats. My true friends. My family. Look the sky and the moon in the night... and much other.
Bugs. Politicians. Math. War. False people. Art thieves (all types...). Vegetables. Bullies. Fangirls (also called "bimbeminkia" on Italy). House "music"... and much other.

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